10. January 2022

We will notify you about a new application via notification email

Candidates’ applications are one of the most important things while hiring new employees. We in Profesia know this and we know that various companies need various solutions. That’s why a company can choose an application without CV or set additional questions to help find the most suitable candidates white creating a job ad.

You will find your applications directly in mark

From 18. 1. 2022 we will notify you about new applications via a notification email. The detailed application with attachments can be seen via click through button in the e-mail. From the email you can directly link to the applicant’s profile in Profesia, where you’ll find their attachments and history. In you need, you can also download the application. We will no longer send e-mails with complete applications.

Job ads with a custom link for applications

If you use a custom link for applications, you will receive job applications without changes, the same way as you have been by now.

How to send applications to an external ATS

If you use your own ATS or applicant tracking system by a third side, you can send your applications to it. You can choose the way, how you want to send the applications in your mark settings.

  1. Link for selection processes list – receive a link with the export of applications
  2. Link for applications to be sent to – insert an URL address, that you want the applications to be sent to.

We recommend consulting your ATS provider, or specialist for your internal system, which way is the right for you.

What does it mean?

  • Better overview while working with applicants. In mark, you will find all necessary information, you can communicate with candidate right away or plan an interview, you will all your communication history as well as notes for the candidate.
  • There will be 100 percent traceability of applications. Stop to lost emails, applications in spam folder or attachments that are too big.
  • You’ll have GDPR under control. After the consent to process personal data is expired, the personal information of the applicant in mark will automatically anonymize.
  • We are planet friendly. One email with an attachment is responsible for 50g of CO2 emisions, whereas an e-mail without attachments estimates only 4g of CO2.

How exactly will you be informed about your new application, can be seen in our infographics below.


Everything you need for successful hiring can be found in your Company zone

Not too long ago, we gave a new design to Company zone and made the section Your applicants in mark available for everyone. We care that our clients would have everything they need for a successful hiring, from posting a job ad, the design of the job ad, to following evaluation and work with candidates. In the section Your applicants in mark, a new selection process is created with every new job posting. Your applications are collected there. So you’ll have perfectly clear overview about how much applications you received, and more importantly, you can always trace back your applications. If you end your selection process, you can still come back to your applications. Make your hiring process in Company zone with ease.