11. April 2018

There’s a new way to specify the location of a job advert beginning April 25

We at Profesia have been considering how to resolve the issue of inaccurate search results when searching by location for some time now. At the end of April, we are going to launch a solution that will display the relevant results for job seekers while allowing companies to define more precise locations.

Imagine you are a user looking for a job in a specific location. The only criteria that is available in the search field, for instance, is “Prievidza”, which returns a tremendous number of job adverts from completely different regions (ranging from towns in the Bratislava Region to abroad). Some companies have resorted to using the Workplace field as a way to increase the visibility of their job adverts. However, this suppresses those companies that are actually posting jobs in this region. Job seekers have had a difficult time finding job adverts in selected regions, which has been reflected in their feedback regarding the search tool (in Slovak) used on the Profesia site.

To resolve the situation, we had to modify the logic used to search by location in job adverts. Beginning April 25, we are therefore launching a new way to provide job seekers with more relevant results and companies more opportunities to provide more precise locations and still contact job seekers from other regions.

How will locations be defined in job adverts going forward?

Enhanced job search visibility by location

Your job adverts will be simpler and more visible, even if they are not located directly in a district seat city. You can now enter the workplace down to the street level, meaning the more precise a location you provide, the better the chance that your job advert will appear in the search results.

We are going to differentiate between job adverts by type

We are aware that there are specific positions where people have to travel more often than if they are in one office or factory. That’s why we are going to classify new job adverts when they are created:

  • Job adverts with a specific workplace where 1 location can be defined down to the street level
  • Job adverts with a variable workplace (e.g. drivers or sales representatives), where you’ll be able to enter a maximum of 3 regions or foreign countries in which the employee will operate

Profesia.sk - Job advert - Place of work

We’re also launching the new “Reach offer” service

It may be difficult for some companies to find qualified employees in their region. We have therefore created a reach offer, which is displayed in the search results regardless of location. The difference between the current system is that it will be displayed to the user when searching for a specific job and will be differentiated as an attractive job position.

Profesia.sk - Reach offer

We believe that these changes will contribute to the fulfilment of the Profesia job portal’s mission: to help people find work and employers find new employees – whenever, wherever and however they see fit.