8. November 2018

Job seekers will be able to search for jobs by distance

This year was in signs of the changes how our job search on Profesia.sk works. In the first phase set in May, we started to closer differentiate job postings based on their location. The second phase will follow in the next weeks and will be focused on job seekers. They will be able to search jobs not only in the exact location, but also by the distance they choose. This way your job postings may be visible to a bigger number of job seekers. How will the new search work and what will change?

How has it worked

There were two types of offers based on location – the ones with the specific place of employment and the ones which required travelling. Job seekers could search the jobs by city, region or country.

If a job seeker looked for a job in a specific location, f. e. in Nitra, we showed him all suitable postings from the district, but also postings which were submitted from Nitra region and we labelled them jobs that required travelling.

On the other hand, if a job seeker searched for jobs in the whole region (f. e. Nitra region), we showed him all postings with appropriate region, as well as all postings from cities in that region (f. e. Levice, Topoľčany, Zlaté Moravce or Komárno).

Job search by distance

The goal of the new job search by distance is to show more relevant job postings. If a job seeker chooses a location, he can also choose how far from the location he wants to see the results. Based on a poll of Profesia.sk visitors, we found out that each fifth visitor is willing to travel for work.*

Profesia.sk - Vyhľadávanie pracovných ponúk v okolí

The new job search by distance (radius) will allow to choose from the distance of 10 km, 20 km, 30 km, 60 km or an exact location (f. e. city border area).

Job postings with an exact location (orange colour in the picture) will show in the results, if they are inside the chosen radius.

However, we do not know the exact location of job postings which require travelling (green colour in the picture), therefore we had to adapt the way these jobs are filtered. If the chosen radius penetrates the region in the job posting, it will be shown in the search results. If the chosen radius doesn’t touch the region, the job posting will not be shown.

In some cases, the job seekers will see job postings which require further travelling. We didn’t want to disadvantage companies that offer jobs to drivers or travelling salesmen since their job depends on travelling.

Profesia.sk - Pracovné ponuky v okolí

The search will be easier

Besides changes regarding the job search, we tried to simplify the search boxes. Henceforth, there still will be two search boxes. The first one – universal – will be designed to put in job position, company name or other key words. The second one will be used for the location and the distance.

What if, a specific location of employment doesn’t exist…

Not all job postings have their place of employment. For example, it can be remote work or work from home (not to be confused with home office). Therefore, we created a new workplace type, Remote work, that can be chosen while submitting the job posting. In this case, you don’t put in the location and the job posting will be shown regardless. Profesia will check these job postings, so there would only be the ones that really do not require working from the office.

What will not change

If you are a company which submits their job postings manually, or you import them, you will not be affected much by the changes. You will not have to adjust your published job postings. When submitting a new job, you can choose from three options regarding the location. All you have to do is to follow the job posting location guidelines (in Slovak).

*20% of people (10 238 asked) said, that they are willing to travel for work over 30 km every day (Profesia.sk, August 2017).