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We are a techcompany that specializes in the labor market and makes the HR world easier. We bring solutions for recruiters that help them acquire new employees. Starting with the search for suitable candidates, through the selection process to the effective administration of employees.

01 We make it easier to find candidates so that you always find the right ones

On the largest job portal in Slovakia, you can advertise your job offers with the possibility of highlighting them, select candidates from an active database of CVs or get a detailed analysis of the demand for offers.

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02 We provide solutions for modern and effective hirings

Teamio is a modern ATS, from which you can very easily post your job ad on, professionally manage hiring processes and effectively connect managers. All this from one place. Even with a mobile app.

03 We analyze salaries so you have a perfect overview of them not only in Slovakia is part of the international Paylab portal, which works with verified and relevant data on salaries across various industries, positions and regions. Get data for optimal salary settings in the company.

04 We bring solutions for a fast and easy selection process

The HR application mark will take care of order when filling job positions in your company. Find new employees easily and efficiently thanks to advanced functions.

05 We provide free advertising of job offers in education

We allow schools and school facilities to publish their job positions free of charge. After publication, the offers are automatically exported to the job portal with the potential to reach large numbers of applicants.

06 We organize an annual conference with all the news from the labor market

Every year, we summarize the current legislative changes and discuss the topics about the labor market.

07 The largest live meeting of employers and job seekers

We connect employers and job seekers not only on the Internet, but also offline. In addition to job opportunities and the chance to learn everything firsthand, we bring a rich inspirational program.

08 We announce the most attractive employer

Its goal is to bring a realistic view of candidates and potential employees on how they perceive companies, their benefits and image. Apply for the title of Employer again this year.

09 We help the people with disabilities to get employed

Do you want to hire a person with a disability, but do not know how to start? At, we have summarized our experience and practical recommendations that will help you with that.

10 We answer questions about modern people management in schools

We connect the principals of primary and secondary schools with professionals from the non-profit sector and innovative schools to provide them with quality education and care for the human resources of the school.

11 We connect sheltered workshops with companies

Through the portal, we associate sheltered workplaces free of charge and connect them with companies that have a legal obligation to employ a certain number of employees with disabilities. You can also contact the selected workshop and secure fulfillment.

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