Slováci budú mať vyššiu minimálnu mzdu ako Česi a Maďari

12. October 2015
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From the beginning of next year, the minimum monthly salary will increase by 6.58% to €405. People will earn a gross increase of €25 a month over the previous year in 2016.

A comparison of minimum salaries over the 2nd quarter of 2015 and the minimum salary for 2016 in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary shows that Slovakia ranks first in terms of the highest planned minimum salary for 2016. The difference between the average and minimum salary is €472 in Slovakia, meaning the minimum salary is 46% of the average salary.

Minimum salary*: €405
Average salary**: €877
Minimum salary*: €365
Average salary*: €970
Minimum salary*: €352
Average salary*: €792
Comparison of average and minimum salaries in SK, CZ and HU
Minimum salary*: €405
Average salary**: €877
Minimum salary*: €365
Average salary*: €970

The number of people earning the minimum salary in postal services is 5% lower

The highest share of employees earning the minimum salary is in food service establishments, which include restaurants, bars, canteens, etc., where 11% of employees earn the minimum salary. Roughly 10% of employees working in the textile and apparel industry earn salaries around the minimum salary. The greatest difference over the past year was recorded in postal services, where the share of employees working for the minimum was 10% in the previous year; it is now 5% lower. The share of employees working in accommodation facilities earning the minimum salary remained unchanged compared to 2014.

SegmentsShare of employees earning the minimum salary
Restaurants, bars, canteens, etc.11%
Textile, apparel and leather production10%
Social work activities8%
Hotels, pensions, hostels, etc.6%
Postal services5%
Other services5%
Culture, sports and wellness5%
Legal activities5%
Other unlisted areas5%
Commerce (e.g. supermarkets, retail)5%
Law offices5%


More than half of tailors and cleaners earn the minimum salary

Tailors account for the highest share of employees earning the minimum salary (57%) with a gross monthly salary around €438 a month. Cleaners, who earned a gross monthly average of €399 a month, were also among the highest share of those earning the minimum salary over the past year. The share of cleaners is 3% higher than in the previous year, with a total gross monthly salary of €425.

PositionShare of employees earning the minimum salaryTotal gross monthly salary in €
School caretaker37%447
Security guard26%506
Health care assistant15%530
Manual labourer14%607
Shop assistant13%531


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