Slovaks primarily skip going on holiday due to finances

3. September 2015
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Finances were the most common reason among women for skipping holiday, while workload was the reason most often cited among men. Roughly half of the survey participants from the Košice, Nitra and Prešov regions did not go on holiday this summer, and could not afford to do so.

Relaxing by the seaside is the biggest attraction

More than half of those questioned had already been or were yet to go on summer holiday this year, according to a survey conducted at Slovaks were most often willing to spend anywhere from €500 to €1,000 on their summer holidays. The next largest group set aside €300 to €500 for their summer holidays. Finances were identified by more than half of survey participants as the most common reason Slovaks were unable to enjoy a summer break. A seaside holiday was the desired destination reported by roughly half of the survey participants with only 11% of survey participants identifying a holiday by the water in Slovakia.

How much are we willing to invest in a holiday?

We examined how much individual salary bands invested on their summer holidays. Up to one third of people earning up to €600 a month are willing to invest anywhere from €500 to €1,000 on a summer holiday. Nearly half of those earning more than €1,500 are willing to spend more than €1,000 on their holiday, while 34% of the survey participants from this salary band spend much less on their holiday.

Graph: Willingness of survey participants to invest in their summer holiday by individual salary bands


Source:, caption:

Willingness to invest in a holiday by salary band in gross salary in €/month
up to €150
€150 – €300
€300 – €500
€500 – €1,000
More than €1,000
Willingness of survey participants to invest in a summer holiday
up to €600
€600 – €900
€900 – €1,200
€1,200 – €1,500
More than €1,500

Seaside holidays more attractive to women, while men prefer the Slovak mountains

More than half of women had already been or were planning to go on holiday, while survey results confirmed that men went on holiday at a slightly lower rate, by approximately 4 percentage points. Women were most likely to skip a summer holiday due to a lack of finances, while workload was the primary reason cited by men. Women preferred a seaside holiday, while men preferred holidays in the Slovak mountains to a larger extent.

The number of holiday seekers was 60% in the Bratislava region

The highest share of summer holiday goers this year was 60% of survey participants from the Bratislava region, where the number of holiday makers was 8 percentage points higher than the overall average. The greatest difference was between the Bratislava region and the survey participants in the Nitra region, where the number of summer holiday goers was 18 percentage points lower. Roughly half of people from the Košice, Nitra and Prešov regions did not go on summer holiday this year and were not planning to do so in the near future, most often due to a lack of available funds for such holiday.

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