28. September 2021

CV Database: 9 tips how to get the most out of it

The CV database can be a big help in your recruitment process. You can use it to search for the right candidates, to get an inside view of candidates available on the labour market, or to create your own pool of qualified candidates. Let’s look at couple useful tips for our CV database.

1. Be more proactive in your recruitment

There are approximately 70 000 active CVs of active and passive job seekers in the Profesia CV Database. It is a very useful tool, that can be used to contact suitable candidates directly, or to get an idea what kind of candidates are available in your industry on the labour market.

Browsing the anonymized profiles is free for companies registered on Profesia.sk.

2. Job seekers that fit your requirements

Does 70 000 CVs seem a lot to you? Don’t worry. In the CV database, there are several filters that will help you display only the candidates who fit your requirements. You can filter by region, type of employment, job position, or how long are the CVs published.

For a more specific search, use advanced search. You can filter CVs by education, skill, salary, drivers’ licence, experience, or other criteria.

TIP: Do you want to know what are the salary requirements for a specific job or in a specific region? Salary report by Platy.sk can help you set your offered salary range, so that your job ad will be competitive.

CV database

3. Learn to search effectively

Beside filters, you can also use the keyword-based search in the CV database. The search consists of two parts. Firstly, you can search by position, industry, company, or any keyword. Secondly, you search by location. You can choose country, region, district, or town.

You can enter one or several expressions. To get the correct and expected search results, take a closer look at how the multiword search works.

CV database

4. Mark your favourites

You can very easily add candidates, who caught your interest, to your recruitment process. Just click on “add to mark process” when you are on the candidate’s profile page. Mark is a tool that you can use to optimize your recruitment process and work with you applicants. Now, it is free and available to all registered Profesia clients. You can find it, after logging into your Company zone on Profesia.sk in the section Your applicants in mark.

CV database

Receive the suitable candidates directly in your inbox

Do not waste your precious time and be up to date on the freshest candidates in the database. Find every morning the newest and suitable candidates in your inbox. Just click on the button “send CVs via email”, set your criteria and set the e-mail address.

TIP: When choosing criteria, focus on the necessary ones. If you choose too many, you can miss out on some interesting candidates. Remember, that a smart employee can pick up many skills during training or while working.

6. Fresh resumes

There are new or updated CVs coming into the database every day. After candidates finish their CV on Profesia, we ask them, what kind of job and in which location are they looking for and whether they want their CV to be available to employers in the database. That way we have specific information, which makes the search results more accurate. A resume that is left untouched for 3 months is automatically removed from the database, unless it is updated.

7. You can report a candidate

If you contact a candidate who is at the time not looking for a new job, you can report the candidate. Our colleagues from customer support will check with the candidate. If they confirm that the candidate is not looking for a job, we will return your credit, which you used to show the candidates’ contact information with.

8. CVs with more quality

Since September 2021 we have launched a brand new, modern CV form on Profesia. Job seekers can enjoy a better experience creating their resumes and at the same time, it is designed to give more exact information about candidates in the CV database.

databáza životopisov

9. What about the GDPR?

Candidates give their consent before creating their CV on Profesia.sk in order to access their CV in the database for business partners with the intention of offering a suitable job. You can address the candidates with a job offer (however you can’t send them marketing information). If you uncover contact details, but decide not to contact the candidate, you’ll have an informational duty towards the concerned person.

Information about Profesia CV database

The CV database is free for registered Profesia clients in its anonymized form. You can browse the CVs or filter only the ones that fit your criteria. Then, you will see a list of anonymized candidates and their information like experience, former employers, sought jobs, address and a location where they want to work.

You can also display the whole CV, however, without contact information.

If you want to contact chosen candidate, you will need credits to show the contact information. 1 credit = 1 uncovered contact. Credits are valid for 12 months since activation. It is more cost saving to buy credits in packages.

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