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11. August 2015
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Jobs were added in all regions of Slovakia. Sales representative was the most wanted position companies sought to fill. Job seekers have more jobs to choose from compared to previous years, and, therefore, are more careful in selecting a future employer.

Companies were most interested in sales representatives

Many new jobs appeared in all regions, and companies were looking for new employees in a variety of positions. Sales representatives, machine operators, sales specialists and manual labourers accounted for most job ads posted in the regions.

Illustration: Number of new job ads by individual regions from January 2015 to July 2015

Najvyhľadávanejšie pozície na Profesia.sk podľa regiónov, 2015

Source: Profesia.sk, caption:

Number of new job ads on the Profesia.sk portal by individual regions

Companies in the Bratislava region were most often looking for administrative staff. Sales specialists and manual labourers were the most advertised positions in the Trnava, Nitra and Banská Bystrica regions. Programmers and retail clerks were sought after in the Košice region.

Job seekers choose employers based on their company brand

We recorded the highest number of job ads ever thanks to labour market growth, even surpassing previous periods of growth. Job seekers can now choose from a much greater number of job ads compared to previous years. Brand and the manner in which a company’s brand works have become important criteria for job seekers. How a company brand influences people when purchasing clothing, electronics or a new car works almost identically when selecting a new employer.

“Through the survey we determined that job seekers were interested in a company’s brand and position on the market, the company’s external communications, and their corporate culture when looking for a new job. Based on our own experience, we can confirm that we’ve received a tremendous number of responses from job seekers when advertising specific positions thanks to our brand strength,” said Ivana Molnárová, CEO of Profesia.

Job seekers have a tendency to choose a company with a better brand or remain in their current position if they do not find such a company. We also observed that people are now consistently monitoring the labour market and the most popular positions, and are more willing to change jobs.

Companies with 250 and more employees were responsible for the majority of job ads in most regions. Exceptions are the Banská Bystrica and Žilina regions, where small companies have the largest number of job ads. Most job ads required a minimum of secondary education with school-leaving examination.

Administrative assistant positions generate the highest average number of responses

Administrative, transport and tourism positions were the primary positions producing a very high number of responses to job ads from job seekers. The trend from previous years continued this year where positions that are filled the quickest, i.e. administrative assistants, couriers and receptionists, are also among the positions with the highest average number of responses per job ad.

Illustration: Top 5 positions with the highest average number of responses per job ad:

Najvyhľadávanejšie pozície na Profesia.sk, 2015

Source: Profesia.sk, caption:

Top 5 positions with the highest average number of responses per job ad.
Administrative assistant
Airline/trip ticket seller
Doorman, informer

Marketing and advertising positions (e.g. graphic artists or graphic designers), and some positions in manufacturing or in the auto industry had higher response rates in the Bratislava region compared to other regions. Retail sales positions (cashiers, clerks, merchandisers and filling station attendants) had a higher-than-average number of responses per job ad in regions other than Bratislava.

A company’s brand and its market standing is critical in the case of hard-to-fill positions, as these highly specialised employees have a greater tendency to select their new job based on a company’s brand and take the decision of selecting a future supplier more seriously. Positions that require specific skills and high levels of qualification with much experience, including management, information technology, healthcare and certain positions in the insurance and banking industries (e.g. actuaries and risk specialists) or in telecommunications (e.g. network operations specialist) are more difficult to fill. Job ads for these positions generally generate less of a response from job seekers.

Trends demonstrate that the labour market provides ample opportunity to find a new job, and the number of subscription requests to send new job ads from the Profesia.sk portal via email is on the rise. People now monitor the labour market to a greater extent and are much more willing to change job, which is forcing companies to put more effort into retaining high quality people and therefore invest more funds and resources into improving employee loyalty.

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